Simple update.

Currently, kind of busy untuk mengejar dateline..
and today, i need to rush back home..early as i can..
to catch nora elena last episode!! yaww~
Hopefully there will be big NO traffic jam along way back..amin..

Super 8 movie..!
i've already watched the movie last night..
its cool man with that good-hearted alien..
ugly doesn't mean that we are freaking bad..
most important.
amusing, funny kids..!

ps: must watch..nora elina..dont miss it! aaron aziz ohh aaron aziz..en f ooo en f..=)


kery said...

aaron aziz aaron aziz. tak habis2.

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

haha..abes dh aaron aziz...kehkeh..=p

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