Learning with experience..

When i was 2 years old young i think,
Yes, the memory still.
One day,
while i am playing so called "masak-masak" alone in my room,
I saw my mom ironing trousers, shirts and all that right outside my room.
At that time, i was wondering.
Why we need to iron our shirts?
Then, my mom finished ironing, and hanged all the clothes, but only left one shirt that halfway iron still on the ironing board. She went downstairs.
and I am quickly walked towards the ironing board and touched the shirts.
Wow. its warm. how can only using the iron then our shirts become warm.
Then, without any doubt,
I put my palm on the iron surface.
and guess what.
Immediately i cried out loud.
It was damn hot and my palm turned to red.
OMG, I burned my palm.
Seriously its really hurt.

Believe it or not?
haha, i am brave enough to touch the hot iron with my palm. So cool..
Ade berani?


Cik FaRiZaM said...

berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. :)

Fei Chin Chong said...

nasib baik u x test ngan muke u.. hahaha

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

k.faz: buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali. =p

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

Chin: wahaha..nsb baik i cerdik sikit time tu..hehe..

keninglebat~ said...

prnh pgang jgk,,mmg melembung la tgn....serik2~

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

keninglebat: haha..tawu xpe..dh mcm belon lepas tu..huu..

haLyZaQiut said...

Hhahaa..ni bukan berani ni..ni nakal ni...hik3...

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

k.liza: err..test tahap keberanian..haha..

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