Wedding Preparation.

This is my weekend activities.
Busy with wedding stuff.

A vase of love.
Perfect decoration .

Red means love.
Payung pengantin is in the progress.
Will post u later once done.


haLyZaQiut said...

Amboi, creatifnyaa mizahh...comel laa...

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said... pon ade org ajr ni..=)

Saya Disini said...

nnti boleh buat utk diri sendiri plak kan? xleh cc plak kt cni eh

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

haha..diri sendiri punya lmbat lg..buat utk org lain dlu..haha..xde cc2 kt sini

Anonymous said...

wahh..comel~ buat utk wed sape mizah?

♥M.I.Z.A♥ said...

Anon: buat utk wedding sendiri lah..oppss..bukan, wedding abang..=)

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