Its been so long since my last entry.
Actually, aku takde idea untuk update blog.
Something happened yesterday. Yesterday was my hectic day.
I lost my phone. My samsung note. My pink note.
Sob sob.
Fikri gave me the phone as a present.
He chose pink color as it is the limited edition and specially for me.
I was so regret, and keeps blaming myself. Why do I so careless?
But, that was not my fault.
Aku letak phone aku elok jek dalam handbag and I was at shopping complex, ioi mall.
Sedang sibuk bershopping, I realized someone was standing right so close behind me. But I just take it lightly dan sambung memilih.
Kemudian, mamat tu langgar aku and I was like, ape hal die ni langgar.  Ishh.
Sampai ke cashier, bayar and walked away from the outlet, aku check phone, then baru aku sedar, yang I just lost my phone.
And I am very sure , sepanjang dalam kedai, aku tak bawak keluar langsung phone from my handbag.
And the last time I check my phone was 10 minutes before entering the outlet.
At that time, baru aku teringat mamat yang berdiri belakang aku and langgar aku dalam outlet tu
Then I realized, my handbag button, dah terbukak and membuatkan senang untuk pencuri meloloskan tangan masuk dlm handbag tu.
I am so down, angry and frustrated.
If only I'm aware about my own belongings, atleast, I can avoid this happened.
If only Im not put my phone inside my handbag and keeps on holding it, this will not happened.
But, who am I to predict the future.
This is all been planned by The Mighty.
Then, looking at me down, crying and not happy, not in mood.
Fikri decide to replace the phone with a brand new smartphone.
Dia cakap, tak sanggup tengok aku sedih.
Well, he is so cool in his way.
To fikri,
Thanks alot, dear.
I never can repay your kindnesss, your love and your care.
Something I can promise u,
I will love you with all my heart.
Be with u for the rest of my life.
And pray for you.
Insha Allah.
*Ini lubang and button bag aku yang membuatkan pencurik tu bole mencurik.
Even the zip pon xdapat cover all the hole.

Dinner with girlfriends
Mula mula ke steamboat puncak jalil, tutup
kemudian ke steamboat cheras selatan, tak jumpa jalan.
Akhirnya ke kajang, williy satay. 


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